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Pikemen (Jump Right In!)

Designer/Publisher: Jacob Davenport
Rules: (Local)
Date Added: 2005 Sep 14
Boardgame Geek Entry: 20269
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SDG Rank: 10 (28 points, 33 votes)
Keywords (edit): 2 or More, 8x8 Board, Icehouse
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651 18 moves 36d:1h:41m:52s 52.33% 600 games

Pikemen is an Icehouse game. Pieces are warriors with long spears known as "Pikes." Each turn a Pikeman may charge in the direction he is pointing and then reorient his pike in a different direction, including straight up for defense. The player who captures a number of enemy Pikemen first wins.

This implementation also provides for longer games by allowing one to choose 15 and 20 point games.

Username Rating Comments
Babamots 2 Almost perfect in its simplicity. Points are an unfortunately clunky necessity to prevent draws.
Cerulean 2 I like the way this game handles the offense and defense capabilities of the pieces, making a very nice balance. The dynamics of multiplayer Pikemen are more fun than the point/counterpoint pace of 2 player.
CleverHunk 2
Elektrodo 2
jazzfish 2
kaelistus 2
Mandrel 2
mathochist 2
nycavri 2 I enjoy the sparring of 2-player more than the chaos of 3- or 4-player. My favorite Icehouse game.
spearjr 2
Aaron 1
dlwillson 1
goulo 1 One of the classic Icehouse pyramid games, kind of chess-like with the twist that a piece can only move in the direction you've previously oriented it.
hseld 1
Jesse 1
jonah 1
lambda 1
Layana 1 Might even be better, I have to play it some more. I'm told there might be some first player advantage, though.
molnar 1 Like it, prefer to play to 12.
smilingra 1 A good chess variant; I like how the pieces become more vulnerable if they can be moved.
stoneaxe 1 Love those icehouse games! This and Martian Chess seem similar to me. I like them both, but they really strain my brain!
Uglyfoot 1
dave_doma 0
dralius 0
Laurie_Menke 0
morganfitzp 0 Interesting strategy, but movement's a bit tedious. And why are they Pike-MEN anyway? I like to think of Icehouse pieces as being genderless.
rootbeer 0
rozencrantz 0
Thorolf 0
Draw5PlayAll -1 I dislike the movement rules. Pieces are simply not agile enough.
jeep -1
Joe_Hill -1
unic -1 Don't know why this one does not go down well with me - on the surface, it looks appealing. In practice, I don't have fun playing it. Oh, and don't play to 15 or 20 - it is too easy to stalemate the game then.

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