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Photonic Attack (Jump Right In!)

Designer/Publisher: L. Lynn Smith
Rules: (Local)
Date Added: 2007 Mar 10
Boardgame Geek Entry: 37002
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SDG Rank: 97 (-2 points, 8 votes)
Keywords (edit): 2 Players Only, 8x8 Board, Connections
Plays Avg. Length Avg. Time First Player Wins Size of Sample
41 23 moves 47d:2h:49m:57s 41.46% 41 games

This is a game of transformation where the goal is to have the most pieces on the board when the game ends.

Username Rating Comments
Aaron 1 I suck, but it has some interesting tactics.
nycavri 1 Slow to get interesting, but I believe this one is worth the effort. Deeper than it appears at first glance.
Draw5PlayAll 0 Found this to be more of a game where one person tries to have an odd number of inaccessible tiles, and the other an even number. Not the best idea.
Joe_Hill 0
Zotmeister 0 This is a game where board size is not trivially alterable. AS IMPLEMENTED HERE, with an 8-by-8 board, the strategy rapidly devolves. The game NEEDS a board of odd length, and as originally designed, it does. The real Photonic Attack would be a +2 rating.
Cerulean -1 I suspect that second-player advantage is too strong in this game.
Dandolo -1
jonah -2

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