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Cannon (Jump Right In!)

Designer/Publisher: PyroMyth Games
Rules: (Local)
Date Added: 2005 Jul 11
Boardgame Geek Entry: 8553
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SDG Rank: 3 (57 points, 47 votes)
Keywords (edit): 2 Players Only, Unique Board
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1482 24 moves 40d:7h:20m:28s 50.04% 1279 games

Cannon is an elegant 2-player game of war. Soldiers attack an enemy city using individual prowess and cunning formations. This is a commercial game; hand-made copies of which can be purchased at the publisher's website. There also exists the Cannon Game Database where past games can be studied. An AI opponent is also available.

Username Rating Comments
Aaron 2 A superb original abstract. One of my favourites!
bigby 2 My favorite game. Surprisingly complex strategies evolve from very few, easy to understand rules.
cdiffell 2 The best game on the site in my opinion. Tournament and ladder play has only reinforced that impression. An excellent blend of clarity and depth.
CDRodeffer 2 Well balanced and delightfully tense.
Cerulean 2 Finally, a game that deserves the title "as simple as checkers, as deep as chess"! Great game I expect to be playing and enjoying years from now.
Clark94 2 Sometimes the best move is a (suprising) move backwords.
dlwillson 2
Elektrodo 2
goulo 2 This felt too chess-like at first for me, but then it grew on me, partly thanks to Keith's great teaching games and downloadable strategy guide. (Thanks Keith!)
Hedge_o_Matic 2 This game is flat-out awesome.
JCT34 2 I purchased the wooden edition of the game.
Keith 2 Simple rules, surprising depth, sharp tactics and a strong strategic element that rewards seeing the shape of things to come make Cannon one of my favorite games.
megamau 2 I rediscovered it online after playing a little at home. Just great.
molnar 2 Winner. Really looking forward to learning more about this. Would play in "meatlife".
neosirio 2
nycavri 2 An extraodinarily elegant game. Stronger theme than might be expected from an abstract with effectively only one game piece. Great replayability due to variable start positions.
papa_bear 2 Cannon is elegant in such a way that I would have believed if I had been told that it was thousands of years old, with a rich history of master sages who taught wisdom to their disciples through its elegant simplicity and its elegant complexities.
pinkpan 2 Best new boardgame of the 21st century.
Zugzwang 2 A blood-filled race game at heart. A lot of attack, counterattack, and positional maneuvering goes on in order to be the first to sack your opponents town!
abdekker 1 Excellent strategy game that would play well over-the-board.
alexcobo 1
antihero 1
captncavern 1
CleverHunk 1
Draw5PlayAll 1 Interesting, simpler than chess, can sometimes turn into a race game (see game 31517)... which is not a bad thing actually.
dsheldon 1 A good abstract that makes me want to come back and get better at it.
Elysium 1 Quite interesting.
hseld 1
jeep 1
jejozsef 1
Joe_Hill 1
jonah 1
Lexicon 1
maka 1
OnePageWars 1
orangeblood 1
smilingra 1 This is an interesting chess variant, where there is some action that happens at a distance, but most is pretty tactical.
unic 1 Interesting game with both sharp tactics and strategy. However, slightly on the fiddly side - the rule forbidding shifting the same cannon too many times in a row feels like a cludge, and the retreat rules felt nonintuitive to me - I had great trouble remembering them when learning the game first.
aarondesk 0
dtroyka 0
Laurie_Menke 0 One of the most popular games on SDG, and rightfully so. The movement mechanism is really cool.
Mandrel 0
mathochist 0
mzmzmz 0
rootbeer 0
rozencrantz 0 I want to like this... very intimidating.
xoet 0 (There seems to be a group of Cannon players)The make up of the game is similar to chess/stratigo but learning from the ground up requires many games and patience.

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