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Alak (Issue a New Challenge)

Designer/Publisher: A.K. Dewdney
SDG Module Submitted By: Lexicon
Date Added: 2006 Sep 06
Boardgame Geek Entry: 12153
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SDG Rank: 53 (5 points, 17 votes)
Keywords (edit): 2 Players Only, Unique Board
Plays Avg. Length Avg. Time First Player Wins Size of Sample
163 14 moves 34d:1h:35m:37s 47.85% 163 games

An AI opponent is available for this game!

Alak is a close relative of the board game Go played on a one-dimensional "board". It was originally described in A. K. Dewdney's 1984 book The Planiverse; in 2001, Alan Baljeu modified the game to its present state.

Username Rating Comments
Nehb 2
rozencrantz 2 The game that brought me here. Good clarity and fun tactics.
dave_doma 1
doobeess 1
Laurie_Menke 1 I like the game itself and the graphic portrayal of turns.
Lexicon 1
mathochist 1
megamau 1 Maybe the perfect play is to go on forever, but the game seems to finish sooner between stronger players.
Personman 1 Sounds like it ought to be stupid and pointless; isn't, at all. Elegsnt and fun, but doesn't have the staying power of a really great game. I played several times, but that was enough.
Aaron 0
Cerulean 0 Challenging enough to be interesting, but it probably won't stand up to repeated play for long.
nycavri 0 Neat idea for an occasional game.
bigby -1 I'm not sure this game is guaranteed to end. My opponent and I called one game a draw as we neared 100 moves with no end in sight.
dralius -1
jonah -1
molnar -1 Very few choices, not that fun.
unic -2 Seems pointless... while the rules might resemble Go, the actual playing of Alak does not.

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