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Abande (Jump Right In!)

Designer/Publisher: Dieter Stein
SDG Module Submitted By: spielstein
Rules: (Local)
Date Added: 2005 Dec 19
Boardgame Geek Entry: 21324
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SDG Rank: 7 (38 points, 32 votes)
Keywords (edit): 2 Players Only, Connections, Hexagonal Board, Stacks, Unique Board
Plays Avg. Length Avg. Time First Player Wins Avg. Score Size of Sample
816 20 moves 61d:22h:5m:23s 46.16% 13.72 808 games

An AI opponent is available for this game!

Abande is an original abstract game of connected pieces. Place or move pieces and stacks to generate the highest score you can whilst always keeping the board connected. Both the orthogonal and hexagonal versions have been implemented.

Username Rating Comments
bigby 2 A very fun, tricky game with just enough pieces to make the end game very interesting. As the board fills, pieces you thought were safe sometimes become liabilities.
dave_doma 2
davidm 2
Elektrodo 2
Elysium 2 This is a really good game! Elegant and fun!
jonah 2
lucacerrato 2
orangeblood 2
Schachtelhalm 2
Shobu 2 This one gets better and better once you begin to see its intricacies. Great endgame phase too.

2nd player advantage?

I only play the grid version, the hexhex board feel too crammed.
Zotmeister 2 Very clever game of connectivity and balance. The strategy of the overall board layout and the tactics of local disputes usually influence each other. Timing is crucial; captures can be great boons or great liabilities based on the situation and remaining pieces. Rarely decided until the very end.
Aaron 1
CDRodeffer 1 Really smart abstract stacking game with connectivity and territorial elements.
Cerulean 1 A standout among stacking games that passes the "Let's play again" test.
dralius 1
Hedge_o_Matic 1 This is a very fun, playable game. Good stuff.
jeep 1
Joe_Hill 1
Lexicon 1
Mandrel 1
mathochist 1
molnar 1 This has got some layers to it.
ostadar 1 Ordo is a good game based on a very good idea.
Besides, the 'Ordo movement' and the long diagonals provide pretty moments during the game.
IMMO, the only weakness is, perhaps, that it's very dangerous to launch the first attack, and this may lead to a conservative play.
spearjr 1
Uglyfoot 1
unic 1 Intriguing game.
aanno 0
Laurie_Menke 0 Too much strategy for me, but a popular game on SDG.
MagicJohn 0
mzmzmz 0
nycavri 0 Hurts my head. But now that I love Ordo so much I think I need to give it another try.

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